Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Geralda "the giant slayer"
This much loved little boat is now for sale.

Call me on 021858897 if you want to have a look at the boat.

She has done everything - from a 10 day cruise around the bay of islands, winter series and wendesday night races, commodores cup, trips to coromandel, the coastal classic in 2009, 2010 where she won div 5 on line and handicap, as well as the 2-handed division and the cockershell hero trophy for the smallest boat to finish, reaching speeds of up to 20 knots. She also entered the round White Island race 2-handed race, but had to pull out (ran out of wind) Other events include: 2-handed simrad series in 2011, 2nd overall podium placings in 2009 and 2012. Bay of Islands race week in sports boat mode with 3 on the trapeeze.

For more race results look here

There is not much this little boat can't do!

Comes with:
rum race main - 1 reef
race main - 3 reefs
#1 jib
#2 Jib
#3 heavy Jib
#4 storm Jib
2 fractional gennekers
1 mast head gennaker
code 0 on a furler
modified mast with 2 spreaders similar to the shaw 6.5 set up.
6 horse mercury outboard
road trailer with warrent and rego

the boat is ready to sail in either sports boat or coastal racing mode.

She wants you and you want her so get in quick!

Monday, October 31, 2011

top coat and rigging

must remember to tighten up striker!!! look at that glossy finish Harmen Hielkema preperation is the key and all of that!@!!

dos beams time for a sundowner

a white transom is fast!!!! cheers Graeme robbins

putting the steering together

hulls and beams nearly ready to go boating (well hulls and beam)

more preperation

the paint wouldnt stick here too much glass not enough bog (damit i was trying to not put any bog on the boat (i must save weight i must save weight)

a bit of a wet sand in the rain look at my awsome saw horses

ok so a little bog here and there then

no more bog sand it off

When your dad says "preperation is the key to a good finnish" and all you want to do is go sailing you tend to try and speed up the process. enough prep already lets get to the top coat!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The new whiplash mascott!

This is a sneek look at what the new whiplash mascott will look like

and finally some paint goes back on.

A touch more sanding (voice from father in my head) "its all in the preperation my son!!!"
ok floor swept, boat swept, dust off hulls, water sprayed on the floor to prevent dust kicking up, changed dusty clothes, coating of thinners and one more rub down for good luck. now for the painting!!
And we are off good by wood hello sweet paint job.
varnish the decks or pain? varnish or paint..... PAINT
Yep both hulls what as you like
Under coat why whats the point?? 3 different paints why cant there be just one??

finally some more work underway

oh yeah thats right i cracked the deck sitting on it the last time i sailed the boat better throw some glass and resin at that crack!! (the crack in the boat not.... never mind) go the heater!
better stack these away so Hana can get here car in the garage.
thanks for the plane dad. now lets get rid of some weight.
if only the PT was made of roto molded plastic!!
more scraping, more heat gun more sanding who put all this paint on?
where is that broom?

more of whiplash

the PT hangs out with my kayak one hull stripped
the side profile
the boat on its home made road trailer got that one for 80 bux...
fittings off
some work to do around the inspection hatches